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junk removal santa monicaOur junk removal specialist have been delivering superior service and the best prices. Let us get rid of your excess junk, construction debris or any kind of trash that needs hauling away. Complicated job? No problem. We’ll do what it takes. We have years of experience in junk removal and our customers always receive the best service around. We serve the entire Santa Monica, CA area. We get your junk removal needs taken care of quickly. Whether you have just a few items that need to be picked up, or a lot of junk and construction debris, you can feel confident that we will take care of it. For the best Santa Monica junk removal service, call Discount Junk Removal Santa Monica. 310-593-4183

Inside and Outside Junk Removal

junk removal santa monica
Our crews can work inside or outside. Whether you need construction debris taken away, or home junk removal we can get the job done. When we arrive for junk removal from inside your home or place of business, we’ll take extra care not to damage walls or floors. Our goal is to get your place clean and junk free. We provide fast, friendly service. Our junk removal specialists are the best in Santa Monica, so you know you’ll be getting great service. Let us clean up your home, office, or construction site with our helpful junk removal service. We have the professional crew and equipment to get the job done.

Construction Cleanup

junk removal santa monicaContact us early in your construction project and let us manage your construction waste stream. We ensure compliance with all local ordinances. We’ll help you maximize the percentage of construction waste that gets recycled. This junk removal service is available to both contractors and owner-builders. Timely removal of construction debris helps avoid safety hazards and keeps the inspectors happy. We provide the paperwork needed to submit to your local government jurisdiction.

Green Hauling

junk removal santa monica
As we load your junk materials, we’ll sort out the recyclable materials, and divert them from the landfill. The landfill operator dump fee will be reduced accordingly. We are a Certified Deconstruction Contractor. With years of experience in Santa Monica, we know how to work well and cost effectively with the local recycling centers.

Dirt and Debris Hauling

junk removal santa monicaWhether it’s 10 yards or 2000 yards of material, call today so we can look at your project. Our truck loaders are capable of grading for a new patio, crawl space, driveway or any other project you may have. All grading is done to your job specific elevations and checked with a laser level.

Residential or Commercial Junk Removal Hauling

junk removal santa monica
When it comes to junk removal in the Santa Monica area, we are the best. We have the experienced crews and the right-sized equipment to remove an entire house full of junk. Or maybe you have a smaller junk removal project in mind. We can remove a portion of a house while keeping the impact on the surrounding area to a minimum. Our crew are the best junk removal specialists in Santa Monica, CA. Get in touch with us today to get an estimate for your junk removal needs. 310-593-4183 Let us get rid of your excess junk, construction debris or any kind of trash that needs hauling away. We have many years of experience in junk removal for the city of Santa Monica and we will get the job done right. We provide fast friendly junk removal service. If you need junk removal at your home, office, or elsewhere you know who to call…Discount Junk Removal Santa Monica!

Asphalt andConcrete Junk Removal

We’ve got the equipment to dig it up and haul it off! Driveway removal, parking lots, and sidewalk removal – we’re the experts in Santa Monica!

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