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At Discount Junk Removal Santa Monica, we value our customers. We understand that going through any junk removal and cleaning services can be stressful. Our estimators are fully trained junk removal contractors are very patient and can walk through every detail of the junk removal. Let us show you why!

Here’s What Discount Junk Removal Santa Monica Can Do For You:

Don’t see your junk removal needs above? Please call us for a prompt estimate on your special junk removal project.

We are Licensed and Insured!

We are an accredited junk removal contractor. We spare no expense when it comes to protecting our customers and employees. We can guarantee a safe and efficient service. Those are definitely things to consider when choosing a junk removal service.

We Recycle!

Yes, Discount Junk Removal Santa Monica is very committed to helping the environment! We recycle over 90% of construction debris. From household trash to swimming pool junk removal. We will make sure that everything that can be recycled is taken to the appropriate facilities. Protecting our community’s environment is very important to us, so we do everything we can to help.

Junk Removal Experts

Our junk removal experts at Santa Monica are proud of our junk removal service but it is not the only service we offer. We offer a bundle of services designed to cover anything our community might need. The list of services was established after spending a long time listening to our customers needs and then reacting to them. Although junk removal is definitely our core service; we cannot underestimate the importance of our support services, like our hauling services and hoarder cleaning services as well.

We also Clean Hoarder Houses

Our services are tailored in the most private, and discrete manner available. Our special cleanup trucks will arrive without any markings or special logos so you won’t have to worry about feeling embarrassed. We will take any feedback or suggestions you might have on your cleanup process and give it the utmost attention it requires in order to give you the most comprehensive and efficient hoarder cleanup service. Hoarder cleanup is a very difficult and troublesome issue that needs to be handled in a very delicate manner. When dealing with hoarding, there must be extra care taken in order to accomplish this task in the best manner.

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